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COVID 19 GUIDELINES FOR GUESTS - Our safety commitment to our guests   


1. Risk Assessment. We have undertaken a thorough risk assessment throughout our properties in relation to COVID 19. This complies with Scottish Government guidelines and has been further enhanced by the Association of Scottish Self Caterers. A copy of this is available on request. 

2. Cleaning Checklist. An enhanced cleaning protocol is now in place and a copy is enclosed for your reassurance. This complies with Scottish Government guidelines and has also been further improved by the Association of Scottish Self Caterers. 

3. Enhanced Non-Contact Protocols. As mentioned in our pre-arrival communications we have put in place a strict “non-contact” protocol for your safety and ours. 

4. Maintenance During Stay. We aim to operate a fully non-contact stay. However if any essential maintenance is required this will be carried out in accordance with strict COVID 19 guidelines. You may be required to temporarily vacate the property to allow us access to address any problems arising as we will not be able to enter the property whilst you are on the premises. 

5. What if you arrive with or develop COVID 19 symptoms? According to UK Hospitality Guidelines in Scotland if a guest has symptoms of COVID 19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate they are to be advised to check out and return home to self-isolate. If you have acute symptoms, breathing difficulties or your life is at potential risk, we are advised to seek medical help immediately. 

What we need you to do for us -

1. COVID 19 Regulations. We want you to enjoy your stay but as we and our family live on site, some of whom are in the “at risk” category, we must stress that you follow the strict government guidelines relating to COVID 19 at all times. 

2. Use of Cleaning Products. We have provided a wide range of safety certified cleaning products in the property to minimise the risk of spreading disease. Please make use of these at all times. 

3. Good Hygiene. We have provided a range of products to assist good hygiene standards – virucidal disinfectant, tissues, hand wash, hand sanitiser, cloths and disposable gloves. Please make use of these. 

4. Waste Removal. During and at the end of your stay please ensure that all waste is placed in the bin bags provided. Bin bags should be sealed and either placed in the bins provided outside or left at the front door of the premises. 

5. Dishwasher. A limited amount of kitchen utensils, plates, etc have been made available to you, as discussed at booking. Please ensure that on departure these are placed in the dishwasher and that the machine is turned on. For those occupying The Retreat please place all these items in hot water and detergent in the sink before departure. 

6. Bed and bathroom linen. At the end of your stay please remove all linen from the beds and place it with the bathroom towels in the bags provided and leave the sealed bags at the entrance area of the property. 

7. Windows. At the end of your stay please leave all windows and the front door open to allow the property to ventilate thoroughly prior to us undertaking cleaning and maintenance. 

8. Hot Tub. We operate a very stringent daily cleaning and disinfection protocol using Bromine solution in accordance with the British Association of Hot Tubs guidelines. We also carry out a daily visual check. There is no evidence to suggest that COVID 19 can be passed through water in hot tubs. 

For your safety and ours please follow these guidelines so that we can continue to safely offer our properties for short term lettings.

We reserve the right to terminate a guest stay with immediate effect for breaches of these rules.